Grab, Click, Pull With Richard Simmons on Air New Zealand Mile-High Madness Safety Video


Let Richard Simmons get you fit to fly. Lose the baggage, fasten your safety belt, take a breather and let’s GO! Check out Air New Zealand’s Channel for more fun from this high-energy.

Stretch it out and lose that baggage.

Stretch and slide … yeah! … you’re a giraffe!

Grab, click, pull … nice and snug, low across the hips … but not too tight. And to undo your belt, just lift the flap. No sweat!

If your oxygen mask drops down, it’s time to take a breather.

And remember, put your mask on first before you help others.

Don’t worry if the bag’s feeling a little flat, the oxygen will flow automatically.

And now for the recommended brace positions. If there’s an emergency during takeoff or landing … if you can reach just lean and brace on the seat in front of you. Or … this is one of my favorites … it’s called the duck. Flat feet, elbow outside your thighs, turn your head and duck on down.

Come on everybody let’s pony!

If your life jacket’s short on air, grab the mouthpiece and blow and blow. Yeah! you’re pumping it up.

I’m on a plane full of crazies.

— Man on cell phone

Now you’re fit to fly with the Air New Zealand’s safety briefing.

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