Ask Paul B: Not So Keen on Sheen

Dear Paul B,

This guy Sheen has a right to his private life–this is the USA, not China. What he does with girls and drugs are HIS business. How dare CBS fire him. I hope he sues the xxxx out of them and shows them who’s the boss. They will lose millions without him. CBS is the loser here. I also think that many guys are jealous of his lifestyle. I’ll be honest, if I could be him, I would be!



Dear Gus,

You must have one sorry a– life if you dream to be Sheen. If he doesn’t “plotz” from STD’s, then it will certainly be from all those wonder drugs that he implores are magical. He sounds like a spoiled teenager who robbed his Mom’s purse and is strung out for a weekend. The kid has lots O fun, but he’ll pay for it when his parents find out. This jerk needs a leash, and the courts should protect his kids from HIM. He is a total liability to “The Show,” and I have sympathy for the production crew, as they are out of work now. CBS would do way more harm to its already slip-sliding reputation to retain him than to “push him out the window.” He blew it, and at $1.8 mill per episode, that has to hurt. I enjoyed the movies that he starred in 20 years ago–and he was fortunate to have a friend in Oliver Stone. Wall Street and Platoon were awesome flicks, but if other actors had taken his role, they would have been equally successful. He was an average actor, at best, playing “other people,” and perhaps without the “lifestyle” that he now enjoys, he was a serviceable actor. Now, he plays himself, which is pretty easy, I guess. I have no pity for him, only his children. Mel Gibson must be loving this guy- he is stealing his thunder, lucky for him. Mel should by him a drink, or two-(hundred.)

Paul B.

Charlie Sheen calls into Wired 96.5 claiming that everything will be “worked out” with “Two and a Half Men” producers and that he was sober during his erratic 20/20 appearance.

Charlie Sheen called WIRED 96.5 after the Cynwyd, Pennsylvania radio station flew an airplane banner over his house.

Full Charlie Sheen coverage from WIRED 96.5 …

WIRED 96.5 (Cynwyd, PA) official site …


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