Snow Shovel Stolen? Revenge of the Snowblower Directed at the Offender’s Car


Revenge is a dish best served cold for a Chicago area homeowner who used his snow blower to cover the car of the neighbor who took his shovel and didn’t return it until after surveillance video showed up on the internet.

David Welles used his snow blower to direct snow from his sidewalk to bury the car of a female neighbor who stole his snow shovel. He has his residence outfitted with security cameras, which came in handy in catching the thief and publishing his snowy revenge February 3-4 during the Ground Hog Day Blizzard and aftermath of 2011.

The security video also shows the female offender during part of her time spent (about 25 minutes) clearing her own car of snow.

The suburbs have had their share of reports of snow wars with neighbors. Police have received several calls reporting neighbors that blow snow on next-door properties and driveways — causing disputes. Today, a resident in Arlington Heights reported that blown snow and stones from a snow blower were directed at a victim’s car.