Rahm Emanuel Morning After Win: Page Has Been Turned in Chicago

The morning after being elected as Chicago’s new mayor, Rahm Emanuel said his election marks a new beginning for the city. Emanuel says he will be honest about the choices that will have be made to keep Chicago as a world class city.

Rahm Emanuel:

“The page has been turned and were starting a new page in our city.

‘Winning for me … is when a child can be thinking about school and their studies, not their safety.

“Winning is when that parent of that child can be thinking about their work, not struggling to find work.

“That is how you define winning.

“Reform is the spirit, the goal, the objective.

“I am responsible for leading that effort and I will do that with the city council as my partner in achieving that.

We will do it by being as honest as we were in the campaign about the choice we have to make as a city, so Chicago stays as it is … a world-class city with a future.”