Norfolk Southern Ethanol Train Car Fire, Explosions Near Arcadia, Ohio


A freight train carrying volatile chemicals has derailed about 50 miles south of Toledo, Ohio, causing a tanker fire and forcing evacuations of nearby residents. No injuries have been reported.

Firefighters and police responded about 2:15 a.m. ET to a train derailment of about 18 cars of a 60-car Norfolk Southern freight train about a mile and a half west of Arcadia, Ohio. The accident involving train cars filled with ethanol caused several explosions and fire.

The blaze was so bright, it looked like a sunrise or nuclear explosion from a little more than one mile from the derailment.

Firefighters evacuated about 20 homes. No injuries reported. The EPA is on the scene checking for environmental impact, especially any runoff into streams.

In June 2009, 14 train cars ignited when a Canadian National train with two locomotives and 114 cars derailed in Cherry Valley, Illinois. Eighteen of the train cars derailed, and 70 of the train cars were carrying ethanol. The fire and explosions resulted in the death of one person and injuries to nine people.