“Gang Fight” with Shots Fired Near Piper Ln and Burning Bush Dr, Prospect Heights

Video of neighborhood of Piper Lane and Burning Bush Drive south of Chicago Executive Airport and stranded Isuzu Rodeo with broken passenger window.

Prospect Heights police, Mount Prospect police, and Wheeling police Wednesday afternoon were sorting out details after a report of a gang fight with three shots fired in the 600 block of Piper Lane near Piper Lane and Burning Bush Drive. Police received a report just after 3:05 p.m. Wednesday that a man was ‘jumped’ and that a vehicle ran over a victim in the neighborhood. Then police received multiple calls that two or three shots were fired.

Police received a report that two male/Hispanics and two male/blacks were involved in a fight. One of the male/blacks may have fled in a white SUV. Another male/black fled off-road in a green Isuzu Rodeo south of a children’s playground at Willow Trails Park and got stuck in the snow along a fence line south of the park. The male driving the SUV was questioned by police.

Police were also in foot pursuit of a male/Hispanic, who apparently was not apprehended and was at large Wednesday afternoon. Around the time of the foot pursuit, police found a 9 mm handgun on the ground in the 600 block of Piper Lane. Police were looking for the male/Hispanic, who they suspected may have dumped the 9 mm handgun. Another male/Hispanic was also possibly at large yesterday about 4:00 p.m.

Prospect Heights Fire Protection District firefighter/paramedics stood by in the neighborhood, but no injuries were reported and they left the scene.

After investigation police learned a 26-year-old male/black drove his SUV into a parking lot in the 600 block of Piper Lane — a neighborhood that is mostly Hispanic. The male black reported that he saw three men flash gang signs at him, and that he told the men that he wasn’t a gang member.

One of the men threw a full can of beer at the SUV Isuzu Rodeo and broke the passenger window of the truck where a female passenger was sitting. The driver of the Rodeo took off in the vehicle as at least three shots were fired. None of the shots hit anyone. The Rodeo SUV ended up stuck in the snow on the far south side of the Willow Trails Park near a fence.

Police arrested Carlos Teran, 19, who is the suspected shooter. He is charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm and felony mob action. He lives in the 600 block of Piper Lane. Bail was set Thursday at $35,000.

Michael Bahena, 18, of the 500 block of Piper Lane, was charged with felony mob action. His bail was set at $20,000 Thursday. A juvenile was also charged with mob action.

A police security camera, which has been installed for several years, is located at Burning Bush Drive and Apple Drive. School buses were dropping of children at about the time of the shooting.

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