Caught on Video: Josiah Cantral Poses As Janitor to Get Medical Excuse for Time Off Work to Protest in Madison, Wisconsin

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CAUGHT ON TAPE!! Licensed Wisconsin Doctor willfully and fraudulently signs sick leave form for healthy individual.

Josiah Cantrall arrived at the Madison, Wisconsin protest to Senate Bill 11, and saw about six doctors handing out medical excuses to protesters. He captured video of a licensed physician writing an excuse without any legitimate physical examination or checkup for an illness. Cantrall posed as a janitor for an elementary school in Wisconsin that wanted to get a medical excuse for time he “was taking off for participating in the protest.”

If you missed work and you didn’t have a work excuse, depending on what your contract is, you might have problems with that, but if you miss work and you have a medical excuse … at least as far as I understand, most contracts say you need a medical excuse to miss work. And you’ve got a medical excuse. Now suppose they say wait a minute we don’t believe you. Well it doesn’t matter if they don’t believe you. I’m a licensed physician in the state, and I say that you should be having that time off from work to recuperate from this terrible condition. Therefore …

… just so you understand, when you’re asked by your employer, you know medical or whatever … all you need is that excuse. And if they say what were you sick with, it’s none of their freakin’ business [you say] well like you know I don’t I don’t think I need to be explaining what that illness is … that’s private.
— Unnamed, licensed Wisconsin physician

According to his Facebook public figure fan page, Josiah Cantrall writes for the American Thinker & is the Young Republican Midwest Regional Director. Wisconsin farm boy, Christian, & Homeschool graduate he has survived life with eight sisters and one bathroom. He knows about all things rationed.

Josiah Cantrall is the Wisconsin Young Republican National Committee Man, Young Republican Midwest Regional Director and Senior American Delegate to the International Youth Democrat Union.