Another Case of Situational Awareness Failure: 10 Year-Old Boy Falls Onto Subway Tracks in Milan, Italy Playing Sony PSP Video Game

With his gazed fixed on a Sony PayStation Portable display, a 10-year-old falls about four feet into the pit of subway tracks in Milan, Italy.

When a 10-year-old boy was distracted from reality by a Sony PlayStation Portable, he walk right over the edge of a subway train platform and fell down onto the tracks.

The boy was rescued by Alessandro Micalizzi, 23, an off-duty police officer who jumped down onto the tracks to save the boy. A train was due one minute later.

In January 2011, a woman walked into a fountain pool in a shopping mall in Reading, PA. While texting and walking, Cathy Cruz Marrero, a 49-year-old Berkshire Mall employee, walked into an indoor pool wall and fell into a shallow depth pool on January 12, 2011, immediately got up from the pool, and stood nearby (See Cathy Cruz Marrero, Texting Woman Who Fell in Pool at Berkshire Mall Has Criminal History)