For Years Struggling with the World’s Most Popular ‘Almost Phone,’ Jon Stewart, John Oliver Trash AT&T’s Network After Verizon Wireless iPhone Announcement

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show had a little fun, rejoicing with the news that Verizon Wireless with a superior wireless network compared to AT&T will be selling the Apple iPhone 4. Jon Stewart of The Daily Shows communicates in satire on AT&T’s lousy network with an Apple iPhone. Daily Show correspondent John Oliver, also found plenty of iPhone users out on the street willing to trash AT&T and its unreliable network.

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Verizon iPhone Announcement
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“A spring in my step,” say Jon Stewart. Here’s why …

Jon Stewart: “For the past three or four years, those of us in the iPhone community have sacrificed one thing for the ability to carry around every photograph we’ve ever taken, or song we’ve ever listened too, or home video, or compass. We have sacrificed the ability to make phone calls” … [pan to VIDEO CLIP of Verizon Wireless announcement that it will carry the iPhone on its network] …. “FREEDOM. FREEDOM! Freedom to actually switch providers.”

Call Failed.

See the news … The Cardinal Apple iPhone Coming to Verizon on Feb. 10 as CDMA Starting at $199 (16GB), $299 (32GB)

The Cardinal notes that AT&T’s iPhone did work a little better than a Verizon Wireless phone in Orlando, Florida’s Disneyworld. But it’s been horrendous in the Chicago area for the past three years.