Setting Up Programming Device for Comcast Channel Lineup: Prospect Heights or Rolling Meadows?

Have you ever setup your Comcast channel lineup on some type of device for watching TV on your computer, or some type of online TV Guide? You’re suddenly faced with the choice of what specific cable service you have. Maybe digital or analog is an easy answer, but what about Prospect Heights/Mount Prospect or Rolling Meadows?

You say, ‘I live in Arlington Heights … where’s the Arlington Heights choice?’

Perhaps you’re thinking, ‘Well I can pickup a cable box at either the 1575 Rohlwing Road office in Rolling Meadows, or the 350 N. Wolf Road office in Mount Prospect.’

But that has nothing to do with the choice. Faulty thinking.

The answer is Comcast Mt. Prospect/Prospect Heights – Digital (Mount Prospect)

Choose the Mt. Prospect/Prospect Heights setting, and your online television guide will work just as you expect.

You can also check the following link for the Comcast Channel Lineup …