Dear PAUL B Sports Fans,

Hey, Go Bears. Hope you Gritty, Butt-Kicking Big Galoots Win!! I will watch the recorded game later. I have plans with my SON!!!

There you have it. My day will be memorable, because my 12 year old wants me to watch him snow board. Thats right sports fans,
I will be out of the house NOT WATCHING BEARS GAME, and frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn. In Chicagoland, the darkness
comes way too early, and Sam cannot snowboard in the dark. I have been way too busy to spend much time with him, and I have dedicated
my Sunday afternoon to him. I know that you are all shocked by this display of desertion to our beloved BEARS, but Family First, and I mean

I will TIVO this sucker, and replay it later, hopefully without any knowledge of the outcome. One day when I am much older, I will remember
the great time that Sam and I had together. I am only writing this because there are many young children (and some lonely and weary wives)
who would equally remember a great afternoon out with their Dads. It could be one of the most memorable days of your lives, men. Also,
consider the fact that THE BEARS get blown out by 30 points (ala Brady Bunch!) This is an entirely possible outcome, no?

Paul B.