Chicagoland! Switch On Over — Cubs to Sox

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Dear Sports Fans,

It has come to my attention that there is so much “Cubbie Forever” loyalty in this city that I have a spectacular suggestion. Along with all this “I will always be a Cub Fan, because I am loyal,” comes this “I am so damn sick of all these team-averse and lousy Cub players that I want to puke.”

Why not just start anew. If you are a “real baseball fan,” which has much to do with actually following players and their various backgrounds, stats, and “how they play in the field,” then I suggest you swing on by to the South Side.

Have you been following how the Sox sign “qualified players” who are known to be team players with actual skills?

Have you witnessed Jerry Reinsdorf opening his check book in the last few years to sign “anybody that can help his team win?” Well, that’s exactly what you will see when you take in a game at The Cell. These White Sox are now, and
have been a winning TEAM for about a dozen years or so. They play hard, compete even better, and know full well that if they don’t give it their best effort, their teammates, the fans, and Kenny Williams will be on them like white on rice!

Since the signing of Albert Belle (what a lemon he was,) the Sox have only signed “Team Players.”

Sports fans, that is what it is all about- playing as a team, and winning games together. All you have to do is examine the payrolls of both team’s (Cubs and White Sox) as well as their records and you’ll see that “Money Can’t Buy You Love (Or Wins.) If I had to be a Cub Fan for my whole life, I would not be a happy camper at all. They have let their fans down, and at some point in time–YOU must send them a message. I will not support a team that cannot and will not hire the right players, managers, general managers to win enough ball games to compete! The Cubs are an embarrassment to Chicago, and you are not abandoning a team that has abandoned YOU for the last 20 years. Why has a major city like Chicago had winners in EVERY MAJOR SPORT except the CUBS? It is NOT coincidental!

SportsTalk Paul B