Ask Paul B: Son Too Thrifty to Date?

Dear Paul B,

I know this is not an urgent issue, but my son Jack is 26 and does not date. He is handsome, has a good job, and is NOT gay, really. He has girls calling him but he resists them. He had a girlfriend three years ago, and she dumped him right after he bought her a nice leather jacket. He talks to his friends about it, and I haven’t said a word. When I ask him about so-and-so that I met at the grocery store, and that she asked about him, Jack tells me he is not interested. He finally told me that he doesn’t want to spend his money on girls because they are too expensive. I was speechless and didn’t know what to say to him. He enjoys himself and seems to have a good life. My ex-husband told me to leave him alone. I think he is missing out. What should I do.



Dear V,

What CAN you do? Are you going to force him to date, or pay for his dates? Do you want to hire an escort for the evening? Jack is 26 and obviously likes to save his money for more important things, at least right now. He will come out of his shell once again whenthe right girl catches his. This is one of those times that Mom has to let nature take its course. Funny thing though, he’ll eventually find the “perfect gal” for him, and you might absolutely abhor her… C’est la vie.

Paul B.


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