“They Are Perfectly in My Same Way to Think,” Says Inez Sainz Regarding Staying Out of New York Jets Locker Room

Ines Sainz, the Mexican television reporter who said the New York Jets made her feel uncomfortable in their locker room is returning to work next week, but says she’ll do her interviews outside the locker room.

The Cardinal: No me gusta las chicas en el vestuario — caliente o no.
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Young Turks Cenk Uygur: “Her name is Ines Sainz … and she is smoking hot.”

Inés Sainz Gallo (born c. 1978) is a Mexican journalist for TV Azteca, hosting the sports interview program DxTips (or, Deportips). Sainz’ and her husband’s production company created the show.

In 2010, media reported that while Sainz was waiting to conduct an interview with Mark Sanchez in the New York Jets locker room, team members made “catcalls and rude comments”. According to Sainz, it was “the rest of the media start to hear the different kind of things that I didn’t hear.” Reports were out that footballs were thrown her way during warm ups so that players could get a better look.

In 2010, TV Azteca’s website’s featured photo galleries of her as well as an article in its “Bad Girls” section extolling her as a woman of intelligence and humor, illustrated by a photo of her modeling a swimsuit. Likewise, during the 2000s, Sainz appeared on the cover of such Spanish-language magazines as Revista Gente y la Actualidad, H Para Hombres, Maxim, and Esquire Mexico. During the 2010 World Cup, pictures of Sainz were featured on such places as Bleacher Report and the websites run by Sports Illustrated and Men’s Health. Sainz was chosen by the magazine FHM as the fifth sexiest woman sports reporter in the world in August 2009. Sainz is on record saying: The immediate aftermath of a 2010 media incident in New Jersey resulted in her becoming “the most popular journalist right now in Mexico and Latin America.”