Protester Lauren Valle Gets Her Head Stomped at Rand Paul-Jack Conway Debate

Lauren valle, head stomping victim outside Kentucky’s Senatorial debate claims she was taken down by Rand Paul supporters in front of his car as she approached Rand Paul. She claims that it was when Rand Paul supporters took her down that someone stomped on her head.

Associated Press: A Rand Paul supporter stomped on the Lauren Valle’s head — a woman representing the liberal organization The incident happened outside a debate between Paul and Democratic rival Jack Conway for the open Kentucky senate seat.

In August, 2008 Lauren Valle was detained with four other activists, in Beijing for unveiling an LED banner that spelled out FREE TIBET in English and Chinese in bright blue lights. Lauren Valle, 31, was born in Falmouth, MA, and has lived in Brooklyn, NY. She studies Eastern Religion and Philosophy at Columbia University. She has supported various organizations working to build a more just and sustainable world. She is taking action for Tibet this summer because she believes that the Olympics represent a unique and critical opportunity for people of conscience to come together on a global level and speak out for human rights.