Ask Paul B: Tough Being a Parent


Dear Paul B,

I have had many hurdles in my life, but this is most difficult. I am a single Mom, and have just one child. Denise is 15 and is a very sweet girl. She works hard at school, and has a few good friends. She never asks about her Dad (who is nowhere to be found) and seems to be well adjusted. She has befriended two older men in our apartment building. She has had little luck with boys in school and she says they don’t like her much. These men are very nice to her, but I have some suspicions about their intentions. I work two jobs, and almost feel lucky that she has someone to watch over her, but I don’t want to be too nosy either. One man is a security guard, and seems very nice. He makes her lunch often and works a night shift. She seems to be happier lately, so I guess I should be thankful for her new friends.



Dear Mom,

I hate to burst your bubble, but there is a potentially huge problem here. You speak of a lonely 15 year old, who can’t meet any boys at school. With hormones raging, she now meets two older men who only want to be her “friend?” Are you playing with a full deck? Do you think these men don’t have anything OTHER than SEX on their minds? I don’t think I am out of line here, Mom, but you need to insist that your daughter is not alone with an older man, unless it is Grandpa or a Priest (and even here I am nervous.) There is no way that she could know that she is in harms way with these two “nice men.” I hope that I am wrong, but I would err on the side of caution here, and hire a baby sitter (female, please) or have her stay with a GIRLFRIEND when you cannot be there. Trouble is a brewing, and you best make some changes, pronto!!

Paul B.


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