Fox with Mange Has Been Making Bold Rounds in Daylight in Arlington Heights

VIDEO: Fox with Hair Loss: Fox on the prowl near Stratford Road and Rand Road in Arlington Heights.

A fox with mange walked right down the middle of Stratford Road in Arlington Heights from Oakton Street to Rand Road Tuesday. Searching for water and food, the fox was oblivious to people and was seen by several neighbors in the area.

Mange is a class of persistent contagious skin diseases caused by parasitic mites. The mites embed themselves either in hair follicles or skin, depending upon their type. They generally infest domestic animals, including dogs and other canines, livestock (such as sheep scab), wild animals and even humans (such as scabies). The infection causes hair loss and severe itching of the affected animal. In people the infection is called scabies

The mites often proliferate near the ears. The fox frequently shook his body and flicked his ears. Most of the hair loss was near the face and ears. Part of the tail and upper legs also seemed affected.