Ask Paul B: Innuendo Vs. Fact — Why Me?

Dear Paul B-

I am so angry, hurt and disgusted with rumors. I am a freshman in a very large high school. I have always protected my reputation, because my parents taught me that it is of supreme importance. I never do things
that are illegal, inappropriate or unsavory. I have an A+ GPA and I am not even popular with boys and the “in crowd.” In fact, I hate those people, and they hate me! I was invited to a party recently and I recognized some of these “beautiful people” who believe that we live in their world, and live by their rules. I don’t even speak to them. Would you believe that they made up this horrible story about sex and drugs and mentioned that I was the instigator. I would never dream of this. It’s all innuendo and everyone is talking about me. I am sick and tired of defending myself. I can’t leave my house.



I recognize your e mail, and I know you and your family. You are truly a remarkable young lady, but a tad naive. You are very school smart, but you can’t be influenced by these “wannabee’s” who are clearly trying
to upset you and trample on your impeccable reputation. Do not respond to these outrageous and unsubstantiated acts. The harder you attempt to defend your integrity, the more guilty you look. Don’t hide out, then you are letting them win. Walk tall, walk proud, and you have nothing to hide.

If people ask about these ridiculous allegations, you simply tell them “its a bunch of nonsense.” Then you just change the subject. Take the high road, young lady. You’ll get through this because you are a class act. Hello to your family for me.

Paul B.


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