Ask Paul B: Fire His Ass.

Dear Paul B,

I am in quite the quandary. I discovered an employee “redirecting funds” to a blind numbered account. It was obvious that this was not any mistake. This has been going on for 8 months and the losses are substantial. As the President, I am compelled to take action, but the business was started by my Dad, the dishonest employee is my brother, and my Mother tells me that I must take action. There are four of us involved in this business. My brother has always had a drug issue, and I have tried to help him. I fear the worst if I fire him from his position. My siblings and Mom have given up on him. I love him, but cannot keep him around any longer. Your thoughts?



Dear Rich,

You are certainly in a pickle. You are apparently “feeding” his drug habit, so continuing this fantasy is no longer an option. He needs help, and throwing money at it will definitely lead to his demise. Tell him that he MUST enroll in a drug rehab program, and that you, Mom and the sibs will help him work through it. This is the ONLY option that he has. Otherwise, he cannot be a part of your business and family. I will be looking for your follow up. Good luck. Remember—Tough Love–I mean it!


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