Woman ‘Out of Gas’ at Roadside Reports She Was Touched Inappropriately by Driver of Landscaping Truck Near Golfview and Buffalo Grove Rd

Buffalo Grove alerted area police officers to be on the lookout for the driver of a green 1-ton pickup truck with “Landscaping” written in yellow on the sides of the truck. There was also a large water tank located in the back of the pickup truck. The alert was broadcast just before 1:30 p.m. Tuesday for a need to question an individual regarding a report from a female and another witness that reported the female was inappropriately touched by the male in the pickup truck near Buffalo Grove Road and Golfview.

Allegedly, the female was filling her car with gas as it was out of the gas on the side of the road when a male/Hispanic approached her vehicle near Golfview Terrace and touched her inappropriately.

Police had a suspect from a landscaping company located in Wheeling. Buffalo Grove police are investigating. Buffalo Grove police had one suspect in custody just before 2:10 pm. Tuesday. The suspect was transported in custody to Buffalo Grove Police Department Headquarters.