That’s a Fox, Not a Coyote Living Under a Mobile School Facility at Windsor School

Fox out at night in April 2010 near Trader Joe’s on Rand Road in Arlington Heights.

Arlington Heights police checked out a report of a coyote at Windsor School near Windsor and Miner Street. Police determined the animal was a fox and was likely living under a mobile classroom facility near the permanent school building. Unknown if any management of the animal is ongoing or planned.

There have been two reports of injured foxes on the north side of town recently. Coyotes were sighted and captured at Arlington Park Racetrack in 2009 on August 12. A coyote wandered into a Quiznos at 37 East Adams Street in downtown Chicago Tuesday, April 3, 2007. And seven coyotes were removed from Arlington Heights in March 2006 after a resident reported seeing two coyotes following children near Greenbrier School.

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