Pellet Gun? Mount Prospect Man Hears Pop, Feels Twinge in Elbow, Sees Blood

Mount Prospect police responded to two locations about 5:50 p.m. Thursday — a BP station and the residence of a man who had minor injuries from a suspicious incident. The injured man reported that he walked in to a BP gas station (1625 East Euclid Avenue/station address not confirmed*) and got a drink. When he walked out of the gas station he heard a loud pop, felt a twinge in his elbow, and saw blood on his arm and in his car. The man arrived home to his apartment (location withheld) and called police.

Mount Prospect firefighter/paramedics responded to the man’s residence and found a very small grazing wound near the elbow and another small wound on the head. Mount Prospect police are investigating — possibly a pellet gun shooting. The incident is reported to have occurred about 5:20 p.m. Thursday.

Unknown if the man was transported to the hospital.

*Mount Prospect police responded to a BP station. The only retail listing for a BP station in Mount Prospect on is 1625 E. Euclid Avenue. Otherwise the address is not confirmed.