Cook County Sheriff Website Adds Crime Blotter: Categories with Four Districts Bridgeview, Markham, Rolling Meadows, Skokie

Crime updates from across suburban Cook County will now be available for residents to review online on a daily basis, Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart announced Thursday.

“Cook County Crime Blotter” is a new feature on the sheriff’s website, It is aimed at providing up-to-date information to residents about Cook County sheriff’s police activities in neighborhoods throughout unincorporated Cook County. Crime information is sorted on an easy-to-navigate map separated by four distinct patrol districts (Broadview, Markham, Rolling Meadows, and Schaumburg).

Arlington Heights police are frequently called to assist Cook County Sheriff’s deputies in the Rolling Meadows district that includes unincorporated Arlington Heights bordered by Spring Ridge Drive/Nichols Rd/Bloomington Avenue, Route 53, Lake Cook Road and Wilke Road. Streets included in the area for Cook County Sheriff coverage are New Have Avenue, Galena Avenue, Galesburg Avenue, Nichols Road, Newport Way, Bonhill Drive, Randall Lane, Crystal Lane, and Jennifer Lane.

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Part of Cook County Sheriff’s Rolling Meadows District coverage area borders Arlington Heights police beat 1100, just southeast of the Route 53 and Lake Cook Road interchange. Long Grove Fire Protection District also covers the unincorporated area. The border shown for the purple area of AHPD 1100’s beat is not part of an official map, may not be precise, and is subject to change without notice.

Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department also covers an area nearby just west of Route 53 and near Dundee Road.

The impetus for the Cook County crime blotter project came after a suburban resident inquired with sheriff’s police about rumors of a rash of criminal activity in her subdivision. Though the rumor was false, Sheriff Dart recognized a disconnect that existed between residents concerned about their community and their ability to easily access information from the department.

“This will allow concerned citizens to see some of what may be going on in their neighborhood and serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for us,” Dart said. “Maybe they noticed something we didn’t or if they see a particular call we responded to at a particular time, it could trigger a memory of something they saw in their neighborhood at that time, but didn’t make the connection before. It’s an added tool to help residents help us.”

“Cook County Crime Blotter” is not a listing of every call received, but a snapshot of calls about major incidents officers have responded to that day. A call for service is not an indicator that an actual crime was committed nor that anyone was arrested. Many of the crimes listed remain under investigation by Cook County Sheriff’s Police detectives.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office responds to more than 40,000 calls per year, serving more than 100,000 residents across suburban Cook County. Officers also provide specialized police services to more than 100 municipalities. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is the only police agency in south suburban Ford Heights.

Complete Arlington Heights beat map below …

View Arlington Heights Police Beats 2010 in a larger map
The borders shown for the AHPD beat map are not part of an official map, may not be precise, and are subject to change without notice. See also

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