Thor Soderberg, Chicago Police Officer Shot and Killed Near 61st Street and Racine, Englewood

Chicago police officer Thor Soderberg was shot outside a police building near 61st and Racine in the Englewood neighborhood about 3:50 p.m. Wednesday. The offender was shot after he committed armed robbery nearby and was taken into custody as he was also transported to a local hospital. Early report is that the injuries suffered by the shooter are not serious, and that he is expected to survive.

The police officer was shot in the head near a police building where special units operate. The 43 year-old police officer was also an instructor at the training academy, and had almost 11 years service with the Chicago Police Department.

The latest shooting of a police officer is the third Chicago police officer killed in the last 13 month — on-duty or off-duty — that worked in the city’s Englewood neighborhood.