Bill Cadigan, Tamara Holder on Trial Analysis on Hannity After Prosecution Rests it Case Against Blagojevich

Tamara Holder: Instead of bringing in main witnesses like Rahm Emanuel, Jesse Jackson, Jr.; Tony Rezco, they (the prosecution) just chose to play on the heartstrings (of the jurors).

Bill Cadigan: “The White House has to be embarrassed at least at the report they issued prior to the President being sworn in — contradicted in so many instance” … The Defense? “It’s going to be The Apprentice Part II. We’re going to see a lot more Rod Blagojevich in the next few weeks.”

Bill Cadigan is a Chicago-area attorney involved in health care law.

Tamara Holder is a Chicago-area criminal defense attorney, focusing her practice on clearing criminal records for people with convictions and criminal histories. She’s is a TV commentator (Fox/CNN) on legal/political issues. She contributes to The Huffington Post. In 2004 she was founder of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Expungement Clinic.

The Blagojevich defense begins to make its case Monday.