Ask Paul B: Senior Drivers OUCH!

Dear Paul B,

I’ve got to tell you, our Motor Vehicles Agency is ridiculous! My Dad, who is turning 87 soon, just passed his driving test. You might say, SO!, but he walked “into the door” of the facility and hurt his nose, no lie. I had to take him into the washroom to clean up the blood. He is a great guy, and I love him to death, but the driving instructor’s must be told to “pass everyone” unless they run over a pedestrian. I drive with Dad all the time, and I had hoped that he would fail this time. He has driven since he was 13 (yes, he drove back then, because he could) and enough is enough. I fear that he will one day “run over that pedestrian” or turn onto the highway against traffic, or back into a crowd of school kids. Is it me, or are there others that worry about Senior Drivers? Something has to be done.



Dear Kim,

I hear you loud and clear. It is scary out there, especially when you are driving next to an “empty car” (one in which the driver is so slumped/ and or short that they are invisible.) How can they have the vision, reflexes, knowledge of “rules of the road” and or temperament to drive a motor vehicle? My Dad cannot hear emergency vehicles at all. He plays the radio very loud (because of his impairment) and often times is driving while others have pulled over for the ambulance. I would imagine that Jesse White likes those “Senior votes” when it comes to election time. You are correct, Kim, as something needs to be done to tighten up those standards for the elderly. Some kids actually want their parents to keep driving so they don’t have to. This is selfish, dangerous, and our lawmakers have to make a stand, pronto!


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