Ask Paul B: Rubuttal from Senior Driver

Dear Paul B,

I hear that you are not a proponent of Senior Drivers. I absolutely take exception to that. We are not at all thrilled about losing our driving privileges. We have earned that right and I believe you are off base about a “conspiracy” by Jesse White. If we didn’t have the chops to pass the test, then we would have failed, and thats the facts plain and simple. So go find something else to beat your drum about. We Seniors don’t need you sticking your nose into our business. I hope I don’t see you walking in front of MY car anytime soon!



Dear Gladys,

I too hope that I don’t walk in front of your car either. I love Seniors, and I believe everyone that knows me, knows that. Heck, I am not that far from Senior status myself. I even enjoy eating dinner at 3:30, so I am one of you. Please, don’t take it personally when I speak about driving safety. You may very well be a conscientious, well skilled and alert driver, so take
a chill pill, kiddo. I am however concerned about others who may not possess such skill level as well as significant declines in hearing and reflexes. I commend you on your rebuttal, but I am not out to “get you” or anyone as a group. Please, advise others to be alert and take charge of their own assessment of driving abilities. Don’t wait for a horrible incident to define
your driving ability. I believe that each and every person has to be accountable for their own driving safety and respond appropriately.

PS- Gladys dear, you wouldn’t REALLY run me down now, would you?


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