Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Phone Tap Conversations Released

FOXNEWS: Blagojevich phone tap conversations released, Judge Andrew Napolitano interview.

Robert Blagojevich: It’s doable, but I need your (expletive) focus. Every time we get together we just don’t focus on it. You know, so, so it’s doable, it’s doable. But I’m just gues-, I’m, I’m glad you asked the question so you kinda know where in my head I am.

ROD BLAGOJEVICH: Well you gotta go over those lists and then find some more. Just find some people we can dcall and say hey look, can you send us five thousand, can you send us whatever. You follow me?

Robert Blagojevich: Yeah.

BLAGOJEVICH: Work those lists that, you know, of people who are falling through the cracks. PAC, people in PACs and see if we can just, you know, chip away and pick up another one hundred or two hundred …