Ask Paul B: ‘Cool’ Smoker’s Denial and Turnaround — No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Dear Paul B,

All this b.s. about you helping young people just makes me sick. We don’t need another person telling us what to do. My parents smoke, my Mom drinks all the time, and my two sisters smoke too. We’re supposed to act like adults, and then you tell us not to. I like the way I look with a smoke (and so does Barry, my boyfriend.) We get them cheap from Indiana (my Dad gets them for me.) I don’t drink much, and I work at two different restaurants to help with our bills. I am great to my family, and they appreciate me, so why don’t you find something else to do.



Dear Alison,

I think that you mean well, and for that I am responding to you. You are quite responsible, hard working, and I know that you are a very pretty girl. I do however know that you are misinformed and misguided. Your parents buy you cig’s? I KNOW that this is a big mistake. I would never spend my money to feed a habit that will definitely harm my kids. You do not look good smoking a cigarette, nor do you smell good after smoking. Your boyfriend likes you to smoke because HE smokes too. Misery loves company. I am always offered cig’s when I am amongst smokers. When others smoke, this legitimizes them. If I smoke, then you can’t be an idiot to smoke too, right? Your good looks will fade because of the smoking, and most importantly, you will develop any of 14 different skin, lung, lip, gum, tongue, liver, and other CANCERS.

You will gasp for each and every breath, much like my brother-in-law did during his last 5 months of life. Scott died from esophageal cancer. He was 160 lbs. of well-toned muscle before he became a “bag of bones” at 84 lbs. struggling to inhale to stay alive. I watched him die for 5 months, and it was brutally horrifying. He was only 52. So Al, if you really want to “look good” and “be cool” while you smoke away, just think how your family (future kids,) friends (unless they have already died,) and your husband will feel watching you die this type of agonizing death. BTW, we figured that Scott could have bought a condo, a Lexus and taken 5 luxury cruises if he DID NOT SMOKE. Don’t be a sucker, tell Philip Morris to XXXX OFF. They are supplying you with a dangerous drug and making gazillions from your habit. You can quit, and I know you will. You have the strength to do so, so do it!

Paul B.

NOTE — Alison quit smoking after I met her 7 months ago. She has gotten one sister to quit, and she tells me she saved $1400. She is taking Barry to Las Vegas in August. This is my reward…

PS- Alison’s Dad called me at my office and told me to “stay away from my kid” or he’ll punch me out! Now there’s a loving man.


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