Ask Paul B: A Valuable Lesson Before Inheritance Comes Their Way

Dear Paul B,

I am a Great Grand Mother, and I will tell you flat out, I am great. My grandchildren are all in my will, and I have much to leave them, but 4 of them are so irresponsible, I want to leave them nothing. When I have “loaned” them money (and we agree at the time that this is to be repaid) they somehow conveniently forget to repay the loan. Not even a phone call after the loan period has expired. They think its a joke that I ask where the money is. I do have significant resources, but I have always told them that they must learn the value of a buck or they will forever be irresponsible and wasteful. My late husband and I worked 47 years to accumulate our estate. It did not come easy. I may just leave these wayward kids their money when they reach 30 or 35. Will this arrangement “upset the apple-cart” with their sibs?



Dear GAG-

You really are a Super Granny! I mean that. Leaving them an inheritance is very generous, but you need to teach them first about $$. I do not know all their ages, but where the heck are these kids parents? Do THEY know the value of a buck? I think not. Your children must have had silver spoons, because their kids (these 4) are going to be their own worst enemies with a pocketful of cash. It will be gone in no time (maybe fast cars, fast girls/guys, or even drugs.) I like your age level plan. At 30 (or even 28) they will have had more life experiences and perhaps less energy to harm themselves. They may even “stick around” longer and preserve themselves so that they can inherit their wealth. Hopefully their inheritance does not limit their thirst for careers, success and appropriate responsibilities. I always say “money is a giant pain in the — that is, until you really need it!”

Paul B


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