VIDEO: Extremely Close Tornado Storm Chase Interview of Tornado in Texas Panhandle

Watch as Dryline Media storm chaser Aaron Dooley takes Alec Jones in for his first ever close tornado intercept. Incredible video of intercepting the tornado at close range, not once but TWICE! Near the end of the life tornado the rotation is incredible (at about 09:15)!!

Choice transcript …

Look at that fabulous … just take pictures, dude.
You can hear it.
We’re just going to watch it, OK?
Dude, it’s coming toward us.
Just … I know, dude. I’m in here … been doin’ this for a long time. You have to trust me, OK?
Get out of the car.

Pickin’ up trees
Pickin’ up trees

You gettin’ this?
Hey what about these power lines?

[Hyperventilating] Get back. Get back.
Do you trust me?
That’s too close.
Do you trust me?

Ok … get ready for some wind … ready?
Closest you’ve ever been?

Dude, dirt’s being thrown