Sen. Matt Murphy Introduces Property Tax Legislation So Voters See the Bill Before the Election

PALATINE, IL – As part of his ongoing efforts to protect Cook County property taxpayers, State Senator Matt Murphy (R-Palatine) has introduced legislation to ensure that second installment tax bills are mailed out no later than October 1, 2010.

“I am concerned about allegations of a politically motivated plan to delay sending out this year’s second installment property tax bills until after the November election,” Murphy said. “If these allegations are true, this would represent more of the unacceptable business-as-usual politics that have disgusted so many of our citizens. It also means residents would be required to pay this year’s second installment and next year’s first installment in just a few months’ time, putting undue pressure on family and employer budgets.”

Murphy’s concern arises from recently publicized allegations raised by Assessor Jim Houlihan that other county and state officials have hatched a plan to postpone the mailing of property tax bills until after November’s election so the majority party can avoid the voters’ wrath over the soaring taxes.

“With property taxes rising even while property values plummet, the least our county government can do is to provide the taxpayers adequate time to pay these bills,” Murphy said.

Senate Bill 2846 would strip Cook County of its share of state income tax receipts if second installment tax bills are not mailed by October 1. The legislation is awaiting consideration before the full Senate.

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