Police Called for Loud Music at House Where Gun Standoff Occurred on Harvard Last Year

Arlington Heights police were called for a loud music complaint just before 12:30 a.m. Sunday coming from the house where a man was arrested after a standoff with police just over one year ago. Last year neighbors were evacuated overnight while police attempted to get Jason Jakob to surrender on his own will after he was reported firing a gun inside his house. Police had arrived and heard gunfire and saw muzzle flashes inside a house in the 900 block of North Harvard Avenue on March 31, 2009. After evacuating neighbors and failing to get Jason Jakob to surrender, police used tear gas to cause him to exit his house very early in the morning April 1, 2009.

Early Sunday this year, and just after midnight, police arrived to the sound of loud music and an open garage door. Police staged outside the home as a precaution and were able to get the situation under control peacefully. No known arrests. This was at least the second time the loud music complaint occurred. The first time that a loud music complaint was filed is unknown.