Murphy Bill to Curtail Legislative Fleet Vehicles

SPRINGFIELD, IL – A little-known legislative perk was discovered this week after an incident in Chicago and State Senator Matt Murphy (R-Palatine) is seeking to end legislative usage of state-owned vehicles.

“This is a small step to show our constituents that we respect their concerns about frivolous state spending,” Murphy said. “I know that removing a few state vehicles from legislative usage will not solve the state budget crisis, but it’s a small step to help.”

There are currently 14 vehicles assigned to the Illinois General Assembly for usage by the four legislative caucuses.

Murphy has introduced Senate Bill 3930, to prohibit members of the Illinois General Assembly from using state-owned vehicles. The bill would also require legislators who violate the act to reimburse the state at the current state mileage rate.

SB 3930 only applies to state-owned vehicles intended for legislative usage. Senator Murphy noted that the Auditor General’s office is beginning a statewide audit of the entire state-owned fleet.