Florida: Missing Girl, Nadia Bloom Found by Family Church Friend, James King in Swamp

Nadia Bloom, the 11-year-old girl who went missing from her home near Orlando, has been found alive deep inside a thick, wooded area near Lake Jesup. Police carried her out to safety in a litter (rescue stretcher). The area of woods was too thick to land a helicopter.

APR 13 2010 WINTER SPRINGS, FLA — James King, a fellow church member of eleven-year-old Nadia Bloom’s family, found her Tuesday morning in a dry patch in the middle of the swamp. When King found Nadia, he called authorities. Police used Phase 2 cell signals to find the location of King’s phone.

Nadia told officials that she had not talked to anyone since going into the woods on Friday. The woods is located near Lake Jesup, one of the most alligator-filled lakes in Central Florida.

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