Cost of Tax Code Video from Center for Freedom and Prosperity (College of William and Mary)

Video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity (College of William and Mary).

The CF&P reports that the tax system is a complicated nightmare that forces taxpayers to devote ever-larger amounts of time, money, energy, and other resources in hopes of complying with the internal revenue code and avoiding IRS persecution. This CF&P Foundation video shows that this corrupt mess is the result of 97 years of social engineering and industrial policy that began almost immediately after that dark day in 1913 that the income tax was created.

“A tax bureacracy that employs more people than the FBI and the CIA combined.”

The Video Reports (partial transcript) …
U.S. taxpayers and businesses spend about 7.6 billion hours a year complying with the filing requirements of the Internal Revenue Code. It would requrie 3.8 million workers to consume 7.6 billion hours effectively making the ‘tax industry’ one of the largest industries in the United States.

During a time of great need for taxpayer assistance, the IRS’s goal for fiscal year (FY) 2010 is to answer 71 percent of the call from taxpayers who want to speak with an assistor (not a recording), down from 83 percent in FY 2007. In other words, the IRS is planning to be unable to answer about three out of every ten calls it receives. Moreover, those taxpayer that are able to get through to an assistor will have to wait, on average, twelve minutes.