Toyota Emergency Stopping Procedure (Toyota Camry, Prius Sticky Accelerators )

Toyota Instructional Video: Stopping Procedure for sticking accelerator pedal .

Overall, Toyota has recalled more than 8 million cars and trucks worldwide because gas pedals and floor mats that can cause the accelerator to become stuck.

Toyota Emergency Stopping Procedure Transcript:
Although it is a rare occurrence, your Toyota may experience a sticky accelerator pedal. You should pay attention to the operation of your accelerator pedal. If the accelerator pedal is hard to press than normal or slower to return, it may be a precursor to a stuck pedal. These vehicles should be parked and a dealer immediately notified.

OK, what should you do if your accelerator pedal sticks?
Although it is a rare occurrence, we thought you should know what steps you should take in the unlikely event that it did occur.

If your pedal sticks and won’t return to its original position when you take your foot of it, step on the brake with both feet — using firm and steady pressure. Don’t pump the brake pedal, as it will deplete the effectiveness of the brakes. Then simply shift into NEUTRAL — that’s ‘N’ for neutral. And firmly apply the brakes to make a ontrolled stop on the side of the road.

If your Toyota’s transmission has a notched shift gate, and you’re driving in sport mode, step on the brake with both feet using firm and steady pressure. Simply nudge the shifter to the right into DRIVE — ‘D’ … then forward into NEUTRAL ‘N’ and firmly apply the brakes to make a controlled stop on the side of the road in a safe area and shut off the engine.

Drivers who cannot put the vehicle into NEUTRAL should turn the engine off. This will not cause a loss of steering or braking control, but the power-assisted systems will be lost.

If the vehicle has an ENGINE START STOP button, firmly push the button down for at least THREE seconds to turn off the engine. DO NOT tap the START STOP button. If the vehicle has a conventional key ignition, turn the key to the ACCESSORY position or ACC to turn off the engine. But DO NOT remove the key from the ignition as this will lock the steering wheel.

If you experience any issues with your accelerator pedal, please contact your dealer without delay.

If you’re not experiencing any issues with your pedal, Toyota is confident that yor vehicle is safe to drive.

Thank you.

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