Arlington Heights Crime Rate 2009 Down 26% from 2008

Crime Rate < 50% the National Average for Communities of Similar Size Population
The 2009 crime rate in Arlington Heights dropped by more than 26 percent as compared to 2008.

The crime rate indicates the prevalence of crime occurring across a given population. It is generally defined as the total number of crimes per 100,000 inhabitants. The 2009 national average crime rate for municipalities with populations ranging from 50,000-99,999 was 4,002 per 100,000 inhabitants. In comparison, the 2009 Arlington Heights crime rate was 1,735 per 100,000 inhabitants. This total constitutes a historic low for the Village.

In 1975, the crime rate in Arlington Heights reached its peak of 4,381 per 100,000 inhabitants. While Arlington Heights has benefited from a national downturn in overall crime rates, Police Chief Gerald Mourning credits the significant decrease to the Department’s hard work, proactive police tactics and innovative strategies, as well as a variety of community education, interaction and crime prevention initiatives.

Proactive efforts have included the targeting of specific crime categories such as Burglary from Motor Vehicle. These efforts, including crime analysis and surveillance activities, have resulted in increased arrests.

The Department’s education and prevention efforts include the Citizen Observer program, Crime Stoppers and the creation of Public Service Announcements (PSAs). In addition, the Department’s “Crime Opportunity Notice” program has played an integral role in citizen awareness. Since the program’s inception, police officers have issued approximately 3,500 written notices to residents and business owners informing them of changes or improvements they could make to target harden their vehicles, homes and businesses from crimes of opportunity.

Community support has also played a tremendous role in helping decrease the Village’s crime rate. Residents and members of the business community who participate in programs such as Crime Stoppers and the Citizens’ Police Academy provide essential assistance to the Department’s crime prevention and public education efforts.

SOURCE: Arlington Heights Police Department