This Is a Drill: Cyber Shockwave Attack, Up to 20 Million Cellphones Fail

Raw video during CYBER SHOCKWAVE.

Former high-level government officials participated in “Cyber ShockWave.” The event featured a full-day simulation of an attack on the U.S.’s mobile and Internet-based communications infrastructure.

Bipartisan Policy Center video.

The Bipartisan Policy Center hosted Cyber ShockWave, a simulated cyber attack on the United States. Cyber ShockWave will provide an unprecedented look at how the government would develop a real-time response to a large-scale cyber crisis affecting much of the nation.

A cyberattack disabled US cell phone networks, slowed Internet traffic to a crawl and crippled America’s power grid Tuesday — all in the interest of beefing up US security. The simulated exercise was in fact a dress rehearsal meant to give US leaders practice in responding to a future devastating cyber-assault.

Dubbed “Cyber ShockWave” and organized by the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), the event was held at a Washington hotel room transformed for the day into the White House Situation Room, where the president and his advisers typically meet to address national emergencies.

SOURCE: AFP US officials rehearse fending off cyberattack

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