Home Invasion, Men with Guns Near Schoenbeck and Hintz, Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights police received a report about 2:20 a.m. Friday that two white males followed residents home to the 1100 block of Prairie Circle in Prospect Heights from the Joliet Casino. The offenders surprised the victims as they entered their residence, forced their way into the home and demanded money.

The offenders were described as two white/males wearing black ski masks, black face paint, and all black clothing. The males entered the house with guns and abducted a 54 year-old female from the residence. The offenders repeatedly asked for money. The female was reported released and found near a neighbor’s house on Pin Oak about 2:30 a.m.

One offender was described as tall and skinny, wearing black pants and a black shirt. The second offender was described as having a short, stocky build about 5’7″ wearing army pants and a black shirt. Both males were reported armed with handguns. Both offenders were also wearing bullet-proof vests.

The offenders’ vehicle was last seen northbound on Schoenbeck. The vehicle was described as a small, dark vehicle with thin-lined tail lights.

Arlington Heights police assisted Prospect Heights police on this case.