DUI Charges Likely to Be Dropped for Chris Chelios After Judge Views Police Video

Video and audio from Westmont Police Department dashcam showing a 3:54 a.m. traffic stop and arrest of Chris Chelios obtained by Daily Herald.

Former Chicago Blackhawks star Chris Chelios was arrested early December 28, 2009 and charged with speeding and DUI, Westmont police said. But the defense attorney for Chris Chelios says that the video of the traffic stop and sobriety tests shows that Chelios was not impaired.

According to police, Chelios, now playing for the Chicago Wolves, was driving at a high speed in a pickup truck east on Ogden Avenue in the area of Blackhawk Drive in Westmont when he was stopped. He also crossed a center line a couple of times, according to police.

“Can’t you just let me go home, please? I’m safe. I’m not a danger,” Chelios asked on the video. The Westmont officer refused.

Chelios declined to take a breath test.

Chelios was then taken to the Westmont Police Department Headquarters, where he was charged and later released on bond.

On Wednesday February 10, 2010 Judge Cary Pierce ruled after viewing a 15-minute police videotape showing the Dec. 28 traffic stop and sobriety tests that Westmont police lacked probable cause to arrest Chelios following the December 28 traffic stop.

Next step is for the defense to ask the charges be dropped. That request is likely to be granted, according to the defense attorney handling the defense.