David Perez Arrested at His Wheeling Home: Illegal Copying of 10,000 DVDs — Movies Currently in Theaters

Mount Prospect police, Wheeling police, and an anti-piracy unit of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) raided a house on the 400 block of East Merle Lane in Wheeling Friday and arrested David L. Perez, 42, with a charge of unlawful use of unidentified audio-visual recordings. Perez was given a $10,000 personal-recognizance bond Saturday by Cook County Rolling Branch Court Judge John Scotillo presiding.

Mount Prospect police received a tip about the illegal recording and distribution of DVDs from the home of David L. Perez. Undercover police purchased the illegal DVDs at the house, then returned with a search warrant and arrested Perez midday Friday. Police discovered and seized about 10,0000 illegally copies DVDs, $3000 cash, and 15 DVD-duplicating devices. Some of the DVD content included professional copies of current box-office movies and recent movies that are not yet available in stores or online.

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