Burglary Suspect Adam Barr Caught, Escapes from Back Seat to Front Seat and Steals Police Car

Oklahoma City Police Department dash cam video shows traffic stop, arrest, escape with police car, and crash.

On February 20, 2010 early in the morning before dawn, police in Moore pursued a pickup truck and an officer was committed to a traffic stop of a burglary suspect, Adam Barr. Two additional backup officers get the suspect out the pickup truck — one officer is seen with his gun drawn. Barr is forced to the ground, handcuffed and transferred to the back of the primary pursuit vehicle. The primary pursuit vehicle’s dash cam records the original pursuit, the traffic stop, and the takedown buy three police officers. The video does not capture the transfer of the suspect into the primary pursuit vehicle. A second squad car, unit 260,

The dash cam of a second squad car, Unit 260, with the primary pursuit vehicle in sight, captures the image of the suspect escaping from the back seat, and jumping into the driver’s seat of the police car. Unit 260’s dash cam video shows the primary pursuit vehicle speed away — driven by the suspect. Next, the video switches back to the primary pursuit vehicle, which the suspect crashed.

Adam Barr was re-captured after the crash of the police car.

In the original dash cam video, Barr can is heard using the police officer’s cell phone to call his girlfriend and laugh about what just happened.

Adam Barr was charged with 11 counts, ranging from second-degree burglary to “escape from arrest”.