Battery at Arlington Theater: Employee Struck by Patron

Arlington Heights police received a report just before 9:30 p.m. Sunday that a male/Hispanic punched an employee at Arlington Theater near Evergreen and Sigwalt. Police received a report that a male/Hispanic wearing a gray or white sweater with a blue stripe and dark pants hit an employee after the employee asked him to leave Arlington Theater. The male/Hispanic was also wearing an earring. The male/Hispanic was with two other male/Hispanics — one with a blue sweater and the other with a red shirt. The suspects were also described as riding in a black Honda with black rims.

Within about two minutes, two Arlington Heights police officers caught up with the suspect in the gray sweater running into the parking garage at 22 South Vail Avenue across from Dunton Tower. He was cornered on the Highland Avenue side of the parking garage. The black Honda as also found by police.

Unknown if there were any arrests.