AHPD Get Numerous Calls on Suspicious Persons in Residential Neighborhoods

Arlington Heights police have received several calls of suspicious persons in residential neighborhoods in the past two weeks. Some appear to go door-to-door, and some just appear to be walking in the neighborhood blocks.

Many of the individuals turn out to be ‘service providers’ of AT&T. They are checking on addresses, and are claiming to be checking to make sure residents do not want U-verse — getting around the fact that they are actually solicitors. They ignore ‘No Soliticors’ signs.

One solicitor — when questioned — claimed he worked for Cit Corp (sic?) a company which claims to be service providers of AT&T. The ‘solicitors’ are wearing bright blue or orange jackets that have a large AT&T logo on the front chest area of the jacket. On close examination the emblem patch has the AT&T logo accompanied by the words ‘Service Providers for AT&T.’

Some people have complained to police in the last week because they claim that the solicitors have asked to come in and sit down to discuss cable television, telephone and Internet service.