Scene on River Road After Lear Jet Crash Into Des Plaines River (Photos)

Red HAZMAT barrier tape across River Avenue (Route 45) after plane crash east and south of Camp McDonald intersection.

Lear 35 plane crash
Commanding officers assemble at the first staging area at River Road and Camp McDonald Road.

Prospect Heights Fire Department
Firefighters head toward the scene in an ATV — southbound on River Road.

MABAS DIV 3 Command Van
MABAS Division 3 Command Van on the scene at River Road.

Chicago Fire Department 2-9-10
Two Chicago Fire Department Aviation command vehicles at River Road– CFD 2-9-10 and 2912.

Chicago Police Department/Cook County Sheriff Helicopter Overhead.

Decontamination Unit
MABAS Division 3 Decontamination Unit with Lear Jet crash scene beyond the background in this photo.