UPDATE: Arrested. Christopher Speight Suspect in Multiple Homicide in Appomattox, Virginia

UPDATE: Christopher Speight arrested about 7:10 a.m. Wednesday after he walked up to police officers and surrendered.

Appomattox, Virginia Search underway for Christopher Speight, 39, after eight victims were found dead near Speight’s residence at 3030 Snapps Mill Road near Spout Spring, Virginia. Three victims were found dead at the residence, and four were found dead outside the residence. One person died later at the hospital. The victims were males and females. Speight’s wife and son — as well as another teenage boy — were reported to be victims, according to police. The call for police first came at 12:02 p.m. Tuesday when an injured man was found in a road near the residence. When a Appomattox County Sheriff’s Department officer arrived, he reported gunshots heard at a nearby house.

Christopher Speight fled into a rural wooded area near his house as police converged on the area. Using a high-powered rifle, he shot a hole in the fuel tank of a police helicopter that was searching overhead. The helicopter was able to land safely after a total of four bullets hit the earthquake.

Police are using dogs and heat-searching equipment in the rural search perimeter to search for Christopher Speight. The suspect is reported to be surrounded in the wooded area.

Video report from the Associated Press regarding the multiple homicide and manhunt in Appomattox, Virginia

Police are asking that anyone with information about Speight call the Appomattox County Sheriff’s Department (434-352-8241) or the Virginia State Police (434-352-3419).

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