Bad Day at Charter Bank Buffalo Grove: Driver Drops His BMW X5 into Retention Basin

Video of a heavy duty tow truck from Hillside Towing lifting a BMW X5 out of the bottom of a retention basin.

Buffalo Grove police responded to a report about 12 noon Tuesday that a driver crashed his SUV into a large hole in the front of Charter Bank on Dundee Road near Buffalo Grove Road. Police arrived and found a BMW X5 down in a small retention basin in a corner of the parking lot at the southwest corner of Dundee Road and Buffalo Grove Road. The male driver was not injured, but the Buffalo Grove police officers called for Buffalo Grove Fire Department firefighter/paramedics to responded with a ladder, so that they could help the driver climb out of the retention basin with steep walls that were at least 7 or 8 feet deep. Amazingly, the driver was not injured and the mid-size crossover SUV did not appear to be heavily damaged after a big drop into the retention basin. Certainly, the vehicle will need close inspection.

Hillside Towing used a heavy duty crane truck to lift the BMW X5 out of the retention basin. The vehicle recovery operation took less than thirty minutes.