Arlington Heights Police on Patrol Find Totaled Murano on Dryden Sunday Morning

Severe front-end damage to this Nissan Murano suggests the driver hit a tree — straight on.

An Arlington Heights police officer on patrol discovered a wrecked Nissan Murano in the 400 block of North Dryden about 7:30 a.m. Sunday. A totaled silver Nissan Murano SUV with heavy front-end damage was at the southbound curb, blocking part of a driveway onto the street just south of the Euclid Avenue intersection. No sign of a driver was nearby. Police were checking license and VIN information for the vehicle. At the early morning hour, police were seeking the truth on how the vehicle got there, and who drove it.

Arlington Heights police investigate a lone silver Nissan Murano facing southbound in the 400 block of North Dryden Sunday morning.