Arlen Specter to Michele Bachmann: I’ll treat you like a lady, so act like one

Arlen Specter: ‘Act like a lady.’

Arlen Specter and Michele Bachmann interacted in a joint interview on WPHT talk radio in Philadelphia Thursday to discuss President Barack Obama’s first year in office.

Arlen Specter Arlen Specter (born February 12, 1930) is the senior Democratic Party United States Senator from Pennsylvania. Specter was a member of the Democratic Party until 1965, when he enlisted as a Republican in order to challenge the Democratic district attorney of Philadelphia. Elected to the Senate in 1980, Senator Specter staked out a spot in the political center. He has conservative views on crime, gun control and national security, voting to confirm John Roberts and Samuel Alito during President George W. Bush’s second term; at the same time, he holds liberal views on abortion rights, immigration, and the environment. In April 2006, he was selected by Time as one of America’s Ten best Senators. Specter switched back to the Democratic Party in April 2009.

After switching parties again, he was accused of ‘flipping the bird’ toward the GOP. In August 2009 an angry Town Hall crowd confronted Senator Arlen Specter in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Angry at Lebanon PA Town Hall meeting in April 2009.

Specter: ‘We have to make judgments very fast’ [crowed uproar] with United States Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius standing at his side in August 2009.

A woman from the Town Hall meeting in August 2009 in Philadelphia asks Specter and Sebelius: ‘If the government can’t manage to run the cash for clunkers program effectively , why should we trust them to control our health care?’

Michele Bachmann (born April 6, 1956) is the United States Representative of Minnesota’s 6th congressional district and member of the Republican Party. She is the third woman and first Republican woman to represent Minnesota in Congress. The 6th congressional district includes the northern far suburbs of the Twin Cities along with St. Cloud.

Bachmann served in the Minnesota State Senate from 2001 to 2007. She won her Congressional seat in the 2006 election with 50 percent of the vote, as she defeated Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate Patty Wetterling and the Independence Party’s John Binkowski. She was re-elected in the 2008 election, taking 46 percent of the vote in defeating her DFL challenger, Elwyn Tinklenberg, and Bob Anderson on the Independence line.